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The exquisite greeting cards

with real oil paintings, or watercolors

Nowadays it is hard to give something which stands out from the mass of the ties, scarves and socks. Christmas cards get hardly any more original.

Here is the exception!  The alternative!

Greeting card and Present in one!

One of our painters paints a small watercolor on a 300 g watercolor painting carton. From a motive out of my online shop or according to a photo which you provide. This is version 1.

The second variant is also a DINA 5 cartons on which a little oil painting is put together. After a motive from my catalog, or also from an arbitrary other presentation.

In both cases it is a hand-painted original! No printed copy!

Our miniatures are not only suitable as greeting cards, with the suitable motive, it can be also used for invitations, for notes of thanks and whatever. Say hello at Christmas, St. Valentin, Easter, or other many other occasions. It become a valuable little present which is second to none in originality!

You can receive it printed with a greeting message or write on the plain cards (DINA5). In every case a suitable envelope is added.